Project Description

MAKE Creative Spaces designed, fabricated and assembled a luxury corporate gift for the new hotel “The Margi” in Athens.

MAKE team used the best materials, with a design and aesthetics that is perfectly in line with the neoclassical building of the new hotel “The Margi” on Rigillis Street. Aiming at the corporate gift to reflect the glamor of the neoclassical historic building, MAKE team chose to use marble as the main material of the final product.

The geometry of the product is an inspiration from the characteristic gypsum decorative profile elements that adorn many neoclassical buildings in Athens. The combination of thegeometry and the white sandblasted marble create a luxurious object which rests on a base of transparent plexiglass. On the plexiglas, there is a dedication engaving, the text chosen meticulously by the customer. Finally, the product is complemented by bronze details in the form of human silluettes, giving extra shine to it.