Project Description

We designed a face shield from PET material that is qualified for hygienic use while it is fully recycled. The shield consists of one piece that is folded is clearly specified positions to create a face shield. The process of folding is simple and quick. The product is very light and allows all head movements without moving from its position. It can be used all day without creating discomfort to the user. By itself it is not considered as protection against viruses like covid19 but it is always advised to be used together with mouth to nose masks.

Face shield has a system for adapting to any head size. Once it has been positioned at the user’s size it can be used without opening again the head loop. The construction of the face shield is very simple and fast. It is possible to fabricate a vast amount of shields in a very short amount of time. We are offering shipping to many European countries or we can even sell the prototype drawing for further production to your own country. The shipping package is flat and easy to store.

The smallest quantity for shipment in 20 pieces and can be shipped immediately to all European countries. If else please contact as for further information. For approval reasons we can provide test units.

The product is shipped with a user manual explaining the three folding steps. The shield is covered with a protective film in order to achieve a clean with no scratches surface. This must be removed before first use.

For orders you can email as at 
*The product doesn’t include the white nose – mouth mask that is shown on the photograph.

MAKE Creative Spaces team designed and fabricated a PET face shield to help in the covid19 crisis.

Make’s design team has been observing the covid19 crisis globally and we thought we could help by redesign a common product as the face shield in such a way to provide a solution for a very low-cost product.

Download Face Shield Drawing