Project Description

Scale model of project ‘The Dolphin’ in Kavala

The Make team embarked on a visionary mission to design and craft the scale model for the ‘The Dolphin’ project for Kourtidis Group in Kavala , employing a diverse range of cutting-edge techniques. At the heart of their creative endeavor was laser cutting, which allowed for precision and intricacy in shaping the various elements of the model. With CAD designs guiding their way, the team meticulously cut and engraved a variety of materials, bringing their vision to life with remarkable detail and accuracy.

3D printing played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of the project. The team harnessed this technology to construct intricate components layer by layer, ensuring that every detail was faithfully replicated. The centerpiece of their model was the opening roof garden in order to have a view of the interior. Therefore it lead to a remarkable feature made possible through a split bridge mechanism. The precision of laser cutting and 3D printing allowed them to create a seamless and functional representation of this innovation, capturing the essence of the project’s architectural ingenuity.

To enhance the model’s realism and showcase the project’s interior, the Make team incorporated LED lights. These lights artfully illuminated the interior of the model, including the innovative split bridge mechanism, and brought the opening roof garden to life. The result was a scale model that not only accurately represented ‘The Dolphin’ project but also highlighted its innovative design, making it a true work of art that showcased the team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of modern manufacturing techniques in the pursuit of architectural excellence.