We focus on the interpretation of people’s needs, by creating unique products to answer every day issues, through the support of innovation and the cooperation with people who have the passion of creation and success.

Every prototyping product is unique in its development. Contact us to discuss further on your idea!

product design

Customized product design

MAKE is comprised of a multidisciplinary team which focuses on the design of every product from different angles. We follow an intergrated design process which gives us the ability to apply progressive and dynamic solutions to design issues. Furthermore, our knowledge of the digital manufacturing equipment enhances our design efficiency and conception of manufacturing.

Product development

Our product development process guarantees a smooth transition for each phase of the production and a constant regulation of any issues that arise.


Technical Problem Solving

At MAKE we study, design, propose and manufacture a solution for every technical problem you need to solve and every process you want to optimise. We work either complementary as counselors to projects, or we take on the construction of any special constructions.



MAKE designs and fabricates innovative packaging solutions for prototyping products or pre-existing products. Our designs include packaging solutions for special or sensitive products and unique packaging solutions for advertising puproses.


Testing & Optimization

The prototyping process requires a constant optimizition of the product during all phases of development. MAKE considers the process of testing and measurement integral to the product’s successful production so implementation is crucial and consistent.



MAKE considers easy and efficient assembly of each product essential to the design’s success. We provide easy and suitable solutions for each product and detailed instructions, when needed



Industrial automations

Microcontroller applications

Smart networks

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For confidentiality reasons, we display prototyping products only after they have been made public.