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Our Vision is the contribution in the evolution of the Human civilization,
through the support of Innovation and the cooperation with people who have the passion of creation and success.

Dimitria Stamp - Prototype

Custom designed products

Make can design and manufacture any customized object or part you may need.

For example parts that are not available in the market, products customized at convenient dimensions for your space, items that meet your taste from the material that you will choose.

You can draw your own projects or we can draw them for you, always in vector type files.

You can bring your own material or we can supply it to you.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest Technology tools, as 3D Printer, Laser cutter,CNC machines etc., able to produce the most complex objects.

Mechanical Drawing - Prototype

Technical Problem Solving

For every Technical problem you may need to solve and every process you may need to simplify or improve, Make can study, design and manufacture or propose one or more solutions.

Based on the data you will provide to us, we will calculate the cost of each solution and the estimated savings or improvement, respectively.

Innovation - Prototype

Innovation – New Products

Make is here to provide you full support on your idea and help you in the way you need, always with confidentiality. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the following services:

  1. 3D drawing of your prototype
  2. Prototype manufacturing
  3. Patent registration
  4. Patent full package
    • 3D drawing of your prototype
    • Prototype manufacturing
    • Patent registration
  5. Business cooperation
    • Improvement of your original idea (efficiency, cost, design κτλ)
    • Costing and production
    • Business plan
    • Promotion of your idea to Corporations
    • State grants
prototype - prototyping
More about Prototyping


For confidentiality reasons, we do not display prototypes in our website.