Project Description

The MAKE Creative Spaces team designed and manufactured the scale model of Alexandrou Chora for Kourtidis Group

The team used techniques such as digital modelling , 3D printing,  laser and wood working and tons of manhours in detailed painting and assembling. This big scale model of Alexandrou Chora in Ofrynio beach took the manufacturing game to another level.

The scale model of Alexandrou Chora project was a huge challenge for our team as details and short time don’t go together. Our goal was to have a very detailed scale model of a huge area in zero time, so we used a UV printed map as a base and worked on developing the third dimension on top of it.  We had to work with lots of different textures and colours something that made the process extra demanding.

The details on the 3D printed houses and architectural forms went to a whole new level. We were in the middle of the design process when we started with the first test prints. Due to the small constructing scale , we had to surpass our former abilities in the printing performance. That’s were the new UV resin printers came in and the outcome was incredible. Tiny structural elements like 0.5mm beams and 0.7mm columns form a suprisingly realistic micro environment.

Alexandrou Chora is a unique Multiplex Tourist Complex in an ideal area by the sea on the beach of Ofrynio (Costa Ofrynio) and perfectly harmonized with the natural environment, with a total area of ​​175,000 sq.m., which will be divided into 3 different sections.

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