MAKE is a cutting-edge company which supports and creates innovative solutions for new and existing companies who aim at extroversion with modern, state-of-the-art products

MAKE is creative space equiped with all the necessary tools and expertise to design and  implement the most demanding and specialized projects:

Design and implementation of packaging (packaging), objects (object design) and any other custom design project, of a small or large scale.

Additionally, in the first floor our offices there is a co-working space, where it possible for someone to transfer his office, with a monthly subscription, while having secretarial support, access to the meeting room and the opportunity to be around creative people and a functioning workshop nearby.

We make it our goal to realize all the challenging and ambitious projects that knock on our door

Every new idea needs the right tools to be realized

Do you have an idea and you want to see it realized?

Do you want to custom design something yourself, to fir your own specific needs?

MAKE team is here to help you every step of the way!

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The ones that MAKE

Christos Kyrou
Christos KyrouArchitect, MAKE Co-Founder & specialized in Interactive media
Christos has lived in Thessaloniki, Athens and London and he has travelled in many places.

He studied in London Architecture and with his post-master he specialized in Architecture and Interactive Media. He lived and worked in London for 7 years. In the duration of his studies he worked on specialized constructions, primarily using state of the art cnc machines while contributing on the advancement of digital fabrication techniques.

His continuous involvement with machinery has allowed him to combine his knowledge of the designer with the omes of the craftsman. This kind of combined this knowledge have expanded his design approach which he applies by proposing advanced solutions for custom applications aiming at a perfect plug and play tailored to individual customer needs.

Dimosthenis Vavatsis
Dimosthenis VavatsisCreative Director & Co-Founder
Demosthenes was born in Thessaloniki, but his restless nature led him into an endless journey across Greece, aiming to know places, colors, nature and sometimes strange parties and live performances.

He studied Business Administration with specialization in Strategic Marketing. Energetic and passionate about what he does, he worked previously as a graphic designer, a bank clerk, a radio producer, an account manager for promotional products and a concerts’ organizer.

He is currently Creative Director of MAKE and everyday life prevents him from ever getting bored. Every project that passes the door is like a new level in his favorite video game: he jumps, he hits, he solves the riddle and he finally “passes” to the next project. GAME ON !!!

Theo Theodoridis
Theo Theodoridis Architect & Digital Fabrication advisor
An active architect, with experience in design and construction. He teaches Architecture Technology at A.M.C.Th. and he works at MAKE as a freelancer in the fields of 3D & parametric design, laser-cutter, 3D-printing & cnc-router.
Ina Partheniou
Ina Partheniou Architect & Achitectural material advisor
Ina is an architect with experience in design organization and projects’ construction. She maintains Parthenios Architects, an architectural office situated in Athens. She collaborates with MAKE as a freelancer in architecural competitions, furniture design projects and installations.
Alkis Sakellaridis
Alkis SakellaridisArchitect & construction advisor
Alkis is an architect who studied in London, with a plethora of designs and construction projects on his resume. He is a visionary and creator with many capabilities in the field of art and science. He is always happy to impart knowledge and interact with young designers and artists. He is a partner and director at MAKE as a trouble solver.
Kostis Dourtmes
Kostis DourtmesArchitect
Born and raised in Thessaloniki. He studied Architecture in A.U.Th. He works at MAKE as an architect.
Vagia Tzintzi
Vagia TzintziProject Coordinator & Administration Assistant
Vagia holds a degree in Physics and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design in Kozani. She works at MAKE as a project coordinator and Administration Assistant.
Chrisanthi Karta
Chrisanthi Karta Architect
Konstantinos Paloumpis
Konstantinos PaloumpisArchitect


Giorgos Gerasimidis
Giorgos Gerasimidis
Eleana Foti
Eleana Foti
Eleni Mertzidi
Eleni Mertzidi
Giorgos Giannetas
Giorgos Giannetas
Katerina Potiriadi
Katerina Potiriadi
Goussis Thanasis
Goussis Thanasis
Pavlina Kriki
Pavlina Kriki
Ioanna Chantzikonstantinou
Ioanna ChantzikonstantinouArchitect