Project Description

12 Portable promo models for Thrakon.

The MAKE Creative Spaces team designed and manufactured 12 portable promo models for Thrakon. The promo scaled models were made for exhibitional purposesl. The main problem was how to include the real size material applications on a small scaled model visible from a 180 degree angle. Our team was assigned to deliver this challenging project as well as the portability demand for flights all around the world. So all the 12 models were designed to fit in 2 portable custom flightcases.

The limited space lead the team to apply different construction scales per diorama. A company’s  specialized technician handled the material application with the collaboration of our lab’s specialists. The big variety in different scales as well as the real size materials were a lot tricky. However the team’s agility managed to surpass the problem and deliver these fine products.

The techniques our team used during the construction of the dioramas took advantage of our whole facilities. The team used laser cutting methods to cut on plywood and acrylic sheets. On the process of thicker materials we used CNC milling. And on the most delicate parts we 3D printed high resolutioned objects. For the pool water the lab used colored liquid glass while the final touches and the detailed paint jobs were made with special airbrushes.