Project Description

The team of Make Creative Spaces designed and manufactured the 3D printed doll heads for the stop motion short movie “In Between” by Effie Pappa.

At Make Creative Spaces, we’re all about blending creativity with technology. Our recent collaboration with director Effie Pappa on the stop motion animation short film “In Between” exemplifies this fusion. It all began in the digital realm, where our team of artists and tech enthusiasts meticulously modeled minimalistic 3D models of the film’s characters doll heads, ensuring every expression and detail was just right. Then came the magic of high-resolution 3D printing, as we transformed these digital creations into tangible doll faces that wowed us with their realism. These 3D printed faces became the heart of the characters in “In Between,” enabling them to convey emotions and tell their story in a captivating way.

Once our minimalist digital cast was ready, the next step was to bring them into the physical world with the precision required for stop motion animation. High-resolution 3D printing played a pivotal role in this transformation. We employed state-of-the-art printers to give life to our digital creations, turning them into tangible doll faces. The result was a collection of minimalist faces that not only matched but elevated the artistic vision of “In Between.” These 3D printed faces became the heart of the characters, allowing them to convey emotions and tell their story in a refreshingly simple yet captivating way.

Our collaboration with Effie Pappa on “In Between” showcases the magic that happens when artistry meets technology with a minimalist twist. It’s all about evoking emotions and storytelling through the beauty of simplicity. This project reinforces our commitment to pushing creative boundaries in animation, where the seamless fusion of art and technology continues to unlock new dimensions of storytelling.