Project Description

MAKE Creative Spaces designed and renovated the retail shop Fastvape in Thessaloniki, Greece.

MAKE Team, in collaboration with Ina Kyrou, designed and renovated the Boutique retail shop Fastvape, with special care to the corpotate identity and special constructions. The concpet was based on a vivid colored, and pluralistic appoach, which fits with the Corporate identity of the company.

All furniture are especially designed to fit the needs of the shop. The openßshelf showcase, which runs along two of the walls is cut in laser cut and constructed with bent metal sheets. The front vitrine showcase and the counter are also especially designed to showcase and store the multiple products the shop has to offer.

Other special features include an overhang construction, a hidden door, made out of wood which features engraved Logos of the company, neon letters, and an abundance of greenery.