Project Description

Scale model of the Hills & Sea resort on the island of Kea

The Make team designed and manufactured the scale model of the Hills & Sea resort on Kea. Our team focused on capturing all the details for this demanding project to give flesh and bones to the vision of the client.

The model consists of precise landscaping with realistic terrain and rock textures. Short and tall vegetation are mixing with different types of flooring. Shading construction details engage with windows and doors framings. Indoor and outdoor furnishing interact with human figurines and vehicle models. The most challenging thing that we delivered on this project was the main building material which is the local stone. For these particular wall textures our team designed every stone wall surface as a 3D relief then printed it in a high resolution 3D printer. While working on a very small scale the team painted the wall structures in detail stone by stone.

The main lanscaping of the terrain was made with CNC milling on extruded polysterine though every pool and building on the model is illuminated with LEDs.

The Hills & Sea resort, consisting of some thirty private villas and suites on more than 200,000m². The scale model was manufactued on the scale of 1/160 with overall dimensions 1.5 x 0.9 x 0.45m and it is presented on the exhibition room in the Inmo Invest facilities.