Project Description

The team of MAKE Creative Spaces undertook the construction of the architectural model of the two-storey villa “Aphrodite” with a basement in Kea

It was rendered in a realistic style at a scale of 1:62 for the construction company Inmo Invest – Athens Marbella, which edited its design. The basement was presented separately to show its contents. The scale model of villa Aphrodite concerns a building to be constructed by the company Inmo Invest – Athens Marbella.
A CNC router was used in dow material for the performance of the natural rocky sloping ground of Kea. Acrylic sheets were used for the building, which were properly cut on a Laser cutter and then painted on the airbrush. 3D printing on resin material was used both for the furniture and decoration of the interior and exterior of the villa as well as for the representation of people and vehicles. The stone fence of the building was also made of three-dimensional printing of resin which was then painted accordingly so that the final result was as close as possible to the colors of the stone proposed by the construction. An important element of the model is its lighting with LED lighting, both inside and outside the pool, whose water was rendered with colored resin for a realistic result. The scale model of villa Aphrodite also had the possibility of movement, ie lifting of the upper floor to allow the study of the ground floor internally.