MAKE Creative Spaces co-organized with the Municipality of Thessaloniki STAMP FESTIVAL, calling all creative teams to participate each year at a festival that celebartes the city’s innivation, creativity and vitality, by inviting all artists, local enterpreneurs and businessmen to showcase their work through a collaborative ecomomy 2-week event.

The other Thessaloniki

“Life in the City has been upgraded thanks to the projects and festivals organized by Thessaloniki’s  groups that seem to hold the reins in the development of the city’s future. Urban and artistic activities include, among others, music, cinema, photography, graffiti, film, dance, workshops and performances color our days and our nights , serve as an attraction for visitors and confirm the delivery of Thessaloniki as one city ​​-dexameni creativity and innovation. »Parallaxi, Issue 214, 11/206

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