Project Description

MAKE Creative Spaces implemented the design and construction of an exhibition pavilion for the municipality of Thessaloniki for the 50th Demetria Festival.

One of the most important aspects of the design revolved aroud the fact that the construction should be able to assemble and disassemble multiple times, and be transported in different locations.  By maintaining this data during the processof the composition, we were led to a choice of materials (paper rolls) and a mode design (parametric design) that offers this kind of flexibility.

Parametric design came to cover the additional difficulty resulting from the change of availability of raw material, in regards of material thickness or diameter, a fact that was directly related to the quantity and therefore their provision to adapted in each area, while watching and construction costs.

The structure can be placed in a a 3×3 or a 3×4 sqm. It is divided into sections that are connecting together and fastened with hidden links. The structure had a lighting system, with lamps built rom the same material and screens, for the presentation of the festival program.

The pavilion design was intended to foster a sense of inclusion of Thessaloniki citizens in cultural activities of the city. The novel construction attracts the passerby internally, wherein perceives that the distance seemingly solid volume, consisting of individual paper tube embracing the visitor, and form recesses or projections in order to meet the operating requirements of the structure (table, screens embodiment , lighting, etc.).

For this construction 15 people worked  for 24 hours and cut 2000m of paper tube.