Presentation “The process of implementing a prototype”, in the workshop of the Center for Research & Advanced Materials Development.

MAKE presented the process of implementating a prototype, at a technical workshop held on the occasion of the establishment of the Center for Research & Advanced Materials Development (Center for Research & Development of Advanced Materials – CE.R.D.A.M.).

CE.R.D.A.M.  is an initiative of long-term collaboration of AUTH Institutions and TEXAS A & M – TEES (Texas Engineering Experiment station).

The Advanced Material Research and Development Center is the culmination of a multiannual teacher collaboration and staff of the two universities in advanced materials research, such as the production and engineering of composite materials, multifunctional materials, and their applications. The aim of CE.R.D.A.M. is the implementation of joint research programs, the joint organization of summer schools and other educational activities, the use of joint research results, cooperation with others companies

The workshop was held Tuesday, February 21, 2017, in KEDEK / AUT conference room (building A of the Balkan Center, 3rd floor).

Conference Program:

Technical Workshop with short presentations and discussion

09:00 Presentation of the CERDAM’s scopes and current activities

09:30 Opening speeches (Chair: N. Michailidis)

Katsambalos, The School of Engineering AUTh
Lagoudas: The Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)
M.H. Weichold: TEES Global Initiatives
10:00 Technical presentations, Part I (Chair: D. Lagoudas)

Charalambakis: Homogenization of fully coupled thermomechanical processes of dissipative composites (CE, AUTh)
Seferlis, High efficiency in energy and process systems: From molecules to integrated plants (ME, AUTh)
Lagoudas: Smart Materials & Micromechanics (TAMU)
Aravas: Computational strain-gradient plasticity: Porous metals and ductile fracture (ME, UTh)
Skolianos: Metal matrix composites and corrosion of metals (ME, AUTh)
11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Technical presentations, Part II (Chair: S. Skolianos)

Castaneda-Lopez: Corrosion of shape memory alloys (TAMU)
Haidemenopoulos: Alloyneering: A framework for computational alloy design (ME, UTh)
Michailidis: Porous materials, 3D scaffolds (ME, AUTh)
Tsipas: Coatings and surface engineering (ME, AUTh)
Savaidis: Fatigue Design of Engineering Components (ME, AUTh)
K.-D. Bouzakis: Advanced Manufacturing processes (ME, AUTh)
Moussiopoulos: MSc in Strategic Product Design (SPD) as an example of Education and Research at IHU (Academic Director of MSc-SPD, IHU)
Aggeli: Biomedical Engineering in Regenerative Medicine (ChE, AUTh)
Kakosimos: Solar-driven chemical processes and thermodynamics (TAMUQ)
13:30 Lunch

14:30 Presentation of funding opportunities

Papapanagiotou, Research Committee, AUTh
15:00 Commercialization – Entrepreneurship – Industrial session (Chair: S. Biswas)

Biswas: TEES Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs
Alumil sa
BETA CAE Systems
PLiN Nanotechnology sa (A. Tsouknidas, CEO)
MAKE Creative Spaces (Christos Kyrou)
16:00 Round table discussion (Chair: D. Lagoudas)

16:30 Closing
We expect everyone there !!